Finding A Suitable Skincare Routine For You

Finding A Suitable Skincare Routine For You

Finding a suitable skincare routine for you requires adequate research. But as a newbie in the game, it is common for you to feel overwhelmed with the various skincare products launched into the market every day.

I, for one, was very overwhelmed with the various skincare ingredients like salicylic acid, retinol, glycolic acid, and so on. As expected, I made some colossal mistakes at the beginning of my skincare journey, but with time, I was able to correct some of them.

Starting a skincare routine

The need to have a skincare routine is usually a result of correcting some skin issues. For me, I needed to clear some persistent rashes that always appear on my forehead.

Initially, I thought the rashes were heat rashes and will apply copious amounts of heat rash cream on my forehead. When this yielded no results, I knew it was time for me to have a skincare routine.

Common Mistakes You Make When Starting A Skincare Routine

Common Mistakes You Make When Starting A Skincare Routine Finding A Suitable Skincare Routine For You

Oh boy! I made thousands of mistakes when I embarked on my skincare journey. These mistakes not only cost me my hard-earned money but almost damaged my skin barrier.

I was obsessed with clearing the rashes on my forehead but went about it wrongly. Well, I am also certain almost all skincare newbies might have committed similar mistakes that are discussed below

Here are 5 common mistakes you make when starting a skincare routine

1. You are eager to try out all the ingredients

I was very guilty of this. I was so enthusiastic to try out salicylic, kojic, and glycolic. I was also eager to try out vitamin C serum and retinol. If you are just starting out, there is so much information to consume on skincare products and brands.

With Tiktok, this information is at your fingertips, with every skincare influencer talking about the supposed benefits of certain products. The way these skincare influencers hype up a particular brand will push you into getting them.

Before you know it, you have two bottles of every skincare care product with the same ingredients.

2. You want to see changes in very little time

I am also certain that we are all guilty of this. The eagerness applied to purchasing new skincare products is usually transferred to seeing immediate results.

Once you have learned that salicylic acid helps with acne, you are eager for the same acne to clear up two days after using Cerave salicylic acid.

At this stage, you might find yourself jumping into another skincare brand or ingredients if there is no change after a few days.

3. You mistake social media followership for authenticity

It is easier to believe a social media influencer with large followership hyping up a product. A particular skincare influencer on Instagram kept on dishing out misinformation on skincare routines, and I swallowed it hook, line and sinker. And as expected, my skin suffered for it!

It is easy to make the same mistakes, especially when you are a newbie. Not only are you overwhelmed with the various skincare ingredients, there is so much misinformation online.

4. Inconsistency

This is also a very common mistake most skincare newbies suffer from. Because you expect huge changes in very little time, it is easy for you to get discouraged when such changes do not appear.

Again, it is possible that you cannot keep up with the 8 steps skincare routine you sort of roped yourself into; hence the inconsistency.

5. You think expensive is better

Again, this is another common mistake I still find myself committing. Generally, humans are engineered to think that expensive products are more effective. It is not surprising that skincare newbies fall into the same trap.

Thus, you find yourself gearing towards the overpriced skincare brand instead of a cheaper variant that will still get the job done.

Finding A Suitable Skincare Routine For You

Let’s get into practical steps you can take in finding a suitable skincare routine for you.

1. Know Your Skin Type

Know Your Skin Type Finding A Suitable Skincare Routine For You

This might sound like a boring exercise, right? But trust me, it is the hallmark of starting a skincare routine.

How do you know your skin type? I prefer the barefaced method. Start by washing your face with a mild cleanser, and don’t apply any product or makeup. Wait 30 minutes and examine how your skin feels. After another 30 minutes, assess whether your skin is parched, particularly if you smile or make other facial gestures. You have dry skin if your skin feels tight. Do you have a prominent shine on your nose and brow? You have a combination skin type. You most likely have oily skin if you have a shine on your cheeks in addition to your forehead and nose.

Knowing your skin type will direct you to the most suitable products to get for your skin. After the barefaced method test, I realized I have dry skin and thus geared towards hydrating skincare products.

2. Start Out Small

This was discussed above. As a skincare newbie, you want to try out all the skin care products you can lay your hands on. I might not be a skincare professional, but I will always advise skincare newbies to start out with a simple routine.

By a simple routine, I mean a simple cleanser/facewash, a face moisturizer, and sunscreen, these are the three basic products that you need.

3. Slowly Introduce New Skincare Products Into Your Routine

Once you have started with the basics, then it is time to slowly introduce new skincare products and ingredients. The benefit of slowly introducing skincare products into your routine is that you are able to identify products that are not good for your skin.

For instance, I have realized that vitamin C serum breaks me out no matter the brand used. I was able to identify this because I slowly introduced new products into my routine and did not pack up all serums and toners on my face.

4. Prioritize protecting your skin barrier

Another mistake I made at the start of my skincare journey was using so many harsh products capable of destroying my skin barrier. For instance, I was using a kojic acid soap, a creative salicylic acid, and a kojic acid face cream, all on the same routine. It was safe to say that I unilaterally destroyed my skin barrier.

I fixed my skin barrier, pausing on exfoliants, retinol, and irritants like vitamin C. After I had eliminated the source of the problem, I stuck to a simple skincare routine of cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. In less than 4 weeks, there was a noticeable difference in my skin.

Wash your face with lukewarm water in the morning, then apply a moisturizer containing barrier-supporting emollients, humectants, and occlusives, as well as ceramides and niacinamide. In the evening, all your skin need is a mild cleaning to remove makeup and sunscreen, followed by moisturizing with hydrating and barrier-supporting elements.

5. Never Forget Sunscreen!

Never Forget Sunscreen Finding A Suitable Skincare Routine For You

With regard to this, most of the TikTok skincare influencers are right. Sunscreen is the hallmark of your morning skincare routine. It is a fruitless venture to apply all the fancy products on your face in the morning without topping it off with sunscreen.

Using sunscreen on a daily basis can also improve the efficiency of other skincare products you use. Many skincare products, like retinoids and alpha-hydroxy acids, might make your skin more sun sensitive. You can help protect your skin from the negative effects of UV radiation and ensure that your other skincare products are performing properly by applying sunscreen.

Sunscreen is an important aspect of protecting our skin from UV radiation, which may cause skin damage and cancer.

By applying sunscreen on a daily basis, you can help protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation and keep it appearing younger and healthier. In fact, research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine discovered that using sunscreen on a daily basis can help avoid aging indicators, including wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

6. Be Consistent and Patient With Your Skin

If you are facing acne, hyperpigmentation, or other chronic skincare issues, you need to be patient with yourself. I always remind myself that most of these issues might have built up over the years, and it is impractical to expect the same to clear up overnight. With consistency, you can achieve the skin of your dreams.

7. Know When To Visit A Dermatologist

Sometimes, it is possible that all the right tactics and routines might not yield the right results. In such instances, I will advise that you get off the internet and see a certified dermatologist to get the help you need.

Conclusion: Finding A Suitable Skincare Routine For You

There you have it; some tips that should help you in finding a suitable skincare routine for you! As I said before, do not be discouraged when it seems like the changes are not happening as fast as you want them to. Be patient with yourself. And remember, the goal is to have healthy skin and not a spotless one.

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