Which Situation Is An Example Of Internal Conflict

Which Situation Is An Example Of Internal Conflict

A situation that is an example of internal conflict is realizing you need to start saving for an important project but cannot stop online shopping. For someone that has been indecisive all my life, I have battled with internal conflict. I have always felt torn between two opposing sides without knowing how to go about it.

What is internal conflict?

Internal or inner conflict is a waging struggle within oneself. I see it as a more extended version of indecisiveness. Internal conflict may range from something as minute as choosing between a red and blue shoe to making life-changing decisions.

If you are like me, you will likely avoid internal conflict situations like a plague. I am usually reluctant to deal with the emotional outbursts that come with such internal conflicts.

Types of Internal Conflict

Types of Internal Conflict Which Situation Is An Example Of Internal Conflict

It would have been so much easier if the internal conflict had ended with what type of shoe we wanted to wear, right? But no, it is way more complicated than that.

Here are 8 major types of internal conflict:

1. Sexual Conflict

This is one inner conflict that is intertwined with others. Denying your sexual identity because of what others believe is one example of sexual conflict.

Today, for example, we witness people locked in terrible situations because they refuse to recognize and acknowledge that aspect of themselves.

2. Moral Conflict

This is also another popular type of internal conflict. This occurs when our own ethics and principles are put to the test. For example, a person believes in being genuine and honest. Nonetheless, they are prepared to lie to save a friend’s life. Moral conflict comes when you are stuck between two opposing sides and must satisfy both regardless of the repercussions.

3. Religious Conflict

This is the most prevalent inner conflict afflicting the human psyche today. This is also another type of conflict I have suffered from coming from a family with divided faith. For instance, my mom is a Jehovah’s Witness who believes that blood transfusion is a sin. When I used to be younger, I used to battle with the fear that my mom won’t save me if I was sick and in need of blood.

4. Political Conflict

Political conflict is also a popular type of internal conflict. This is an instance where people understand that democracy is for the people but are prepared to sacrifice it to satisfy one guy or the greed of a few men who risk the lives of millions for a roomful of people.

5. Self-Image Conflict

This occurs in various ways, but it occurs when a belief contradicts the mental image you have built. I have always struggled with my weight and lowkey still find it surprising that people bigger than me have high self-esteem that I can’t imagine mustering.

6. Love Conflict

I am sure we have struggled with this at one point or the other. For instance, your partner might treat you badly, and you still struggle to let them go.

7. Interpersonal Conflict

This is a conflict between what you believe and what you like. For example, you despise parties because you see them as a breeding ground for immorality and other vices to flourish. However, you can’t wait to hear the newest news about a party that is taking place or that you have a chance to be near.

8. Existential Conflict

Recently, a close family friend that used to be overly religious announced that he is an atheist. This was quite a shocker for me and my family. Sometimes, I still find myself questioning the plausibility of paradise or even life after death. The instances above are examples of internal conflict.

Which Situation Is An Example Of Internal Conflict

Which Situation Is An Example Of Internal Conflict

Which situation is an example of internal conflict? I wish internal conflict could end with just choosing between pancakes and cereals for breakfast. Sadly, it is more than that.

Here are life situations that is an examples of internal conflict

I know I should end my relationship since it’s toxic, but every time I get the chance, I hesitate. I’m at a loss for what to do!

My doctor advised me to reduce my weight. I need to start dieting to get healthy, but I’m too addicted to brownies!!! It’s very frustrating.

I’ve always wanted to start my own business because my family needs financial assistance. Because it’s so complex, I’ve been putting it off.

I should talk to my friend about how she mistreated me. But I hate confrontation and wouldn’t want to lose this friendship. I am at a loss.

I just got this government job in this small state I schooled in. But I have always despised that town and the people in it! Should I stay with my current contract job or move to this town I have always despised?

My family has been down rightly unkind to me. I want to cut them off, but I am very family-oriented and will want my future kids to have an extended family.

You want to make a decision concerning your current position. Should you stay or should you go? Are you willing to give up your comfort for the unknown?

You need to set boundaries with someone in your life who continuously tests your self-confidence or brings out the worst in you, and you feel conflicted about doing so.

How to Manage and Deal with Internal Conflict

Here are 6 practical ways to manage and deal with internal conflict:

1. Stop ignoring your inner voice

Stop ignoring your inner voice Which Situation Is An Example Of Internal Conflict

We all have two conflicting inner voices, which invariably results in internal conflict. Ignoring or muting these voices is not the ideal way to deal with internal conflict. What you do not admit cannot be resolved.

We sometimes ignore our inner voices due to our current circumstances. We may believe we lack the time, energy, or resources to deal with the decisions or outcomes that may emerge. Instead, we suppress the internal debate that should take place in order to acknowledge and address the internal conflict.

To resolve inner conflict, you must listen to and respect these voices. Treat your head, heart, and intellect like you would someone you adore. Listen carefully and feel your way through anything you are attempting to mute. Only then will you be able to reconcile your internal struggle?

2. Become self-aware

This can be a result of taking time to listen to the voices in your head. Self-awareness is one of the crux of dealing with internal conflict. That is because self-awareness comes with profound clarity, which helps you make the right decision.

3. Don’t make rash decisions

Some people try to avoid internal conflict by being unnecessarily impulsive and making rash decisions; don’t be like that. While it might be argued that such rash decisions may dissipate unpleasant or highly heated sensations.

However, remaining cool and systematically thinking things through will result in a better decision. Before making a decision, evaluate what is best for you while also considering the impact your decision will have on others.

4. Consider what you truly want

What do you want? For some, that is a million-dollar question. Internal struggle stems from not expressing our wants and wishes, which forces us into circumstances we’d prefer to avoid.

If you strive to please everyone else, you will only wind up feeling unhappy and short-changed. Take a step back if you feel you aren’t being genuine to yourself. Consider what you actually desire and how you want to feel.

5. Be in the present

Being in the present is a good way to address internal conflict. Delighting in the present provides the needed clarity on challenges and possible solutions. It may take some time to become used to being in the now and listening to yourself, but the more you practice, the simpler it will become.

6. Journal

Journal Which Situation Is An Example Of Internal Conflict

I have always talked about how writing is cathartic. I want to believe that I fancied writing because of that. Everyone needs outlets during moments of internal struggle, and I suggest you make writing your outlet.

You don’t even need a notebook or a pen because you have a phone that you almost certainly never leave your side. Use your notes, choose a date, and begin writing — ranting. Return to it later to read your rant. Because of the high level of stress and/or irritation, your words reflect how you feel in the moment rather than what you truly mean or desire. I guarantee that more than half of your writing will be meaningless or that you will not mean half of what you say.

Conclusion: Which Situation Is An Example Of Internal Conflict

There are examples of internal conflict. You may believe you are meant for larger things, but your job stability keeps you playing small. You may be aware that you need to quit a relationship, but you continue to talk yourself out of it. However, figuring out a healthy way to handle internal conflict is the crux of the whole situation.


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